Door Curtain Layered Hourglass Style

Door Curtain Layered Hourglass Style
Door Curtains, French Door Curtains, and Door Window Curtains now come in this fabulous and exciting style we call the "Layered Hourglass". It is actually one curtain on top of another curtain. With this design, you can now have the best of both worlds. You can have the Hour Glass look, but with more privacy by adding another curtain behind the actual Hour Glass. The possibilities are endless. You can choose any two fabrics from our store to make your own beautiful creation of colors and design.

FREE CURTAIN RODS with each purchase.

Here's just a couple of ideas:

Choose an opaque fabric as the 'back' curtain that will cover the entire window, so you will have 100% privacy. Then add a Lace or a Sheer curtain as the 'front' curtain to add splendor to your rooms decorating style. The 'front' curtain will come with a tie back that will give you the Hour Glass look.

Or choose a Sheer curtain as the 'back' curtain and then have a embroidered opaque curtain as the Hour Glass 'front' curtain.(as pictured)

To sew this curtain is no easy task. One of our experienced staff has much more work to do than to just make two curtains, and then sew them together. We first have to make the tops of both curtains in a pattern that pulls them together in uniformity. Then we need to "re-square" the bottoms (a step not needed on single curtains) and cut the fabrics again for perfect form. Then we have to bring it all together with the bottom sewing, making sure there are no buckles in the two married together. At last, we have a never before seen curtain combination that rivals those seen at Design Studios in Europe.

The cost? Simple. Just purchase two French Door curtains at the regular price and we will do the rest. No extra fees are added for the extra work and care needed to accomplish the task of joining the two in perfect uniformity.

To order:
Simply choose the fabric you want as the 'front' curtain and choose "front" from the scoll down box and Add to Cart. Repeat this process to select the second fabric as the 'back' curtain and Add to Cart again. The tie back is free and will be made of the same fabric as the front curtain.

Even though this is a very complex curtain for us to make, the installation process is as simple as a regular door curtain. Just one rod at the top and one rod at the bottom.


Simply Select Any Fabric Choice That Does Not Say: "SHEER", "LACE", OR "VOILE". All Fabrics On Our Site, Except These Three Selections, WILL PROVIDE 100% PRIVACY AND 85-90% LIGHT BLOCKAGE. All Fabrics On Our Site Are The Same Color On Both Sides.


For Questions, Measuring Assistance, or To Place an Order, Please Call 24 Hours a day: 1-321-632-3300